Our Yak Herd

PBJ Cattle Co Yaks

While PBJ Cattle Company is widely known for our wide selection of Angus Crossed with Salers and Hereford cattle, we also have a herd of yaks in our little ranch family! Much like our cattle, all our yaks have unique personalities, and we treat all of them like family.

Our yaks may look large from a distance, but their true natural size may shock you: the males can grow up to four and a half feet tall and weigh up to 1,300 pounds, while the females can grow up to three and a half feet tall and weigh up to 600 pounds! Despite their deceiving yet intimidating size, our yaks are surprisingly friendly and docile. They are also incredibly intelligent, which makes them some of the most unique members of our ranch family.

All of our yaks are part of our family-operated company in Divide, Colorado. They are free to roam and graze on a nutritious diet of protein-packed high-altitude grass, and they are never shipped off to cramped feedlots. And they are never pumped with harmful hormones or steroids of any kind. We work closely with local veterinarians to ensure that our yaks are receiving proper nutrition, exercise, stimulation, and vaccinations. This makes for happier, healthier yaks, and (of course) better quality meat as a result.

Want to learn more about our yaks, our humane practices, and our cattle-raising processes? Ask us about our yaks or cattle today! We will be happy to answer any questions that you may have, and we are excited to tell you all about our favorite yaks here on the ranch!

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