Who is the PBJ Cattle Company?

The PBJ Cattle Company – A Family Legacy

PBJ Cattle Company is a family-owned and -operated cattle company nestled in the rolling plains of Divide, Colorado. The ranch is run by the father-daughter-combo of Bob Burton and his daughter, Jessy.

As a retired firefighter from the Colorado Springs Fire Department, Bob Burton understands the value of perseverance and unbridled passion. Bob has been helping fellow Coloradans with their cattle for years. And eventually, he decided to turn that passion into action when he started his own ranch. What began with just six cattle is now a widely successful cattle company in Divide, Colorado with hundred of cows and yaks.

As a family-run cattle company, PBJ Cattle Company is all about treating everyone like family — especially our cows and yaks. PBJ Cattle Company utilizes Temple Grandin humane practices to ensure that all of our cows and yaks are treated with respect and cared for properly.

And the result? Higher quality beef for you and your family. Our high-altitude grass-fed beef is not only packed with more flavor, but also with more nutrition. High-altitude grass diets produce less fat and more protein, resulting in healthier meat on your dinner plate. Not only that, but our cows and yaks are never pumped with harmful hormones or steroids of any kind. They also never experience serious spikes of adrenaline. That means your beef will always be free of hormones, steroids, and adrenaline.

Less stress and additives mean more nutrition and more flavor. What more could you ask for?

Get in touch with us today to learn more about about our high-altitude grass-fed beef! 

Meet Our Family

Bob Burton

Bob Burton is the owner of PBJ Cattle Company. Bob has been involved in the agriculture industry for over 25 years. Thanks to Bob’s guidance, PBJ Cattle Company has been thriving since 2009, and he intends to evolve and improve PBJ Cattle Company for many more years to come!

Bob left his home in Northern California to come to colorful Colorado back in 1985. Now, Bob lives in Divide, Colorado with his wife of over 36 years, Phyllis, and his daughter, Jessy. Bob has been in Colorado for about 34 years, and he couldn’t be happier working his Colorado-based, family-owned and -operated cattle company!

As a retired fire lieutenant and navy medic, Bob understands the value of good, clean, hard work. So when it comes to ranching and caring for his cattle, Bob pours his heart and soul into every cow, bull, and yak that enters into their big, happy cattle family. Bob prioritizes the happiness of all his animals. He has adopted industry-leading Temple Grandin humane practices to ensure that all his cattle receive the best possible care from beginning to end.

Bob takes pride in his ability to keep both his cattle and his employees safe, happy, and fulfilled. He believes that happy cows and employees make for happy consumers, and he’s excited to share his passion with you and your family!

PBJ Cattle Co Bob Burton
PBJ Cattle Co Jessy Burton

Jessy Burton

Daughter of owner Bob Burton, Jessy Burton is a valuable and well-loved member of the PBJ Cattle family. Following in the footsteps of her father, Jessy shares her father’s passion for humane ranching practices and quality beef production.


Jessy grew up in Divide, Colorado with her family. She has lived in Colorado for her entire life, and she wouldn’t have it any other way! Jessy has been working the ranch since she was just four years old. She learned from an early age what it means to treat cattle like family, and she has always enjoyed being a steward to her cows. Her favorite part of her job is being there for her cattle from the minute they are born and ensuring that they live long, happy lives.  


In addition to being an adamant animal-lover, Jessy has also been a diligent student and an enthusiastic learner. Her favorite areas of study are nutrition, animal behavior and meat science. Jessy received her Bachelor of Animal Science and Agri-Business Economics from West Texas A&M University, and she’s excited to continue learning, growing, and evolving in the industry. She plans to continue her education in the coming years, and she even plans on getting her Master’s degree in the near future!