All-Natural High-Altitude Grass-Fed Cattle — Experience the PBJ Cattle Difference

Here at PBJ Cattle Company, we are all about doing things differently. As a family-owned and -operated cattle company, we understand the value of communication and mutual understanding. That is why we prioritize transparency here at PBJ Cattle Company. We believe that our customers should know just as much about our high-altitude grass-fed cattle as we do, and we are always excited to share our passion and our process for cattle-raising!

The difference in our ground beef – our burger is ground from one single animal, not co-mingled and all premium primal cuts are included in our hamburger grind.

PBJ Cattle Company prioritizes animal health and overall welfare above all else. Not only does this make for happier cattle and happier staff, but it also makes for happier customers. And the result? 100% all-natural high-altitude grass-fed beef, and a difference that you can taste in every single bite.

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Our Animal Welfare Practices

PBJ Cattle Company has adopted the revolutionary humane tactics of Dr. Temple Grandin. A world-renowned, award-winning scientist and animal behaviorist, Dr. Temple Grandin has revolutionized the livestock industry with her ground-breaking perspectives on animal welfare. Learn more about Dr. Temple Grandin’s humane practices and how PBJ Cattle Company is using these humane practices to prioritize the overall well-being of our cattle!

Following in Dr. Temple Grandin’s footsteps, we have adopted her humane practices to improve the lives of our cattle and  eliminate animal stress. We have done this by utilizing her cattle handling design at the Double Eagle Ranch in Divide. Not only does this make for happier cattle, but it also makes for better beef quality and taste.

Superior Beef Quality and Taste  

The happier our cattle, the better our beef quality. By prioritizing the wants and needs of our animals, we are also prioritizing your wants and needs.

The main facility for our cattle is The Double Eagle Ranch — not sent off to feed lots. That means they have plenty of land to roam, and they have a healthy diet of high-altitude grass. High-altitude grass grows slower, which means it has a higher concentration of protein. That means the nutrition goes straight to the animal, and our cattle are much healthier than grain-fed cattle!

PBJ Cattle Co Better Tasting Ground Beef For Sale

In addition to feeding them a healthy diet, we also take every precaution to eliminate animal stress. Stressed cattle experience serious spikes of adrenaline. This adrenaline causes the meat to be much tougher. By eliminating animal stress, we are improving the quality of our beef. Happy cows, happy customers — that is our goal here at PBJ Cattle Company!

And last but certainly not least, our cattle are never pumped with hormones or steroids of any kind. Artificial hormones and steroids are not only harmful to the animal, but they also reduce the quality of the beef. That is why we exclude all hormones, steroids, and artificial additives from our cattle’s diet. This makes for happier, healthier animals, and better beef quality.

Ask Us About Our High-Altitude Grass-Fed Cattle

PBJ Cattle is all about doing things differently with our cattle and our customers. So in addition to animal health, happiness, and overall welfare, transparency is also at the top of our priority list. That is why we encourage you to ask us about our high-altitude grass-fed cattle! 

Get in touch with us today to learn more about about our high-altitude grass-fed beef!