All-Natural High Altitude Grass-Fed Health Benefits

People often ask us about our beef, and they always get excited when we tell them about all the all-natural high-altitude grass-fed health benefits that come along with our beef. Most people do not realize just how many health benefits come along with high-altitude grass-fed beef, but that is exactly why we get so excited about the topic! Here at PBJ Cattle Company, we love educating people about our beef products and all the health benefits that are packed into our high-altitude grass-fed beef. That is why we are always eager to answer any questions that you may have!

Learn more about high-altitude grass-fed health benefits today!

A word of caution: once you fall in love with high-altitude grass-fed beef, you will never want to settle for anything less ever again!

Why High-Altitude Grass is Better

If you are like most people, then you have probably already heard about “grass-fed beef”, but you probably do not know much about “high-altitude grass-fed beef”. Most people believe that it is the same thing, or that it is “close enough”. But in all actuality, high-altitude grass-fed beef makes all the difference when it comes to taste and nutrition.

High-altitude grass contains a higher protein content. High-altitude causes the grass to grow significantly slower, producing more nutrition for the animal. Even better: high-altitude grass is easier to digest. That means that all that nutrition goes straight to the animal, resulting in leaner beef that is higher in protein and other vital nutrients.

Because of this, PBJ Cattle Company only utilizes high-altitude grass diets. Below are the main high-altitude grass-fed health benefits for both customers and cattle alike.   

PBJ Cattle Co Grass Fed Ground Beef Health Benefits

High-Altitude Grass Produces Higher Nutrition Content

One of the best and most obvious benefits of high-altitude grass-fed beef is the fact that it is packed with nutrients. It has everything you did not realize you needed in your beef. While grain-fed cattle produce a fattier beef, high-altitude grass-fed cattle produce a leaner meat that is rich in nutrients and packed with flavor.

High-altitude grass-fed cattle are grazing on a diet that is naturally suited to their bodies. Because their digestive systems are designed to process grass better than grain, high-altitude grass-fed cattle are happier, healthier, and leaner than grain-fed cattle. The healthier the cattle, the healthier the meat, the healthier the consumer. Therefore high-altitude grass-fed beef has significantly more health benefits than grain-fed beef.

To list just a few of these health benefits:

  • Higher protein content
  • Less fat
  • Fewer calories
  • Packed with electrolytes
  • Rich in Vitamin A
  • Supports healthy white blood cells

In addition to having everything that you do need, high-altitude grass-fed beef leaves out everything that you do not need. As previously mentioned, high-altitude grass-fed cattle receive a high-protein diet, resulting in a leaner, tastier meat. All our burger is ground from one single animal, not co-mingled and all premium primal cuts are included in our hamburger grind. That leads to more consistent flavor and a super-premium product. For more information visit our PBJ Cattle Difference page. Grain-fed cattle, on the other hand, receive a high-fat diet. This creates a fattier meat that is higher in calories and cholesterol and lower in protein and electrolytes.

High-Altitude Grass Makes for Healthier Cattle

High-altitude grass is healthier for we can say with complete confidence that our cattle prefer their protein-packed high-altitude grass! But this is not just a personal preference. High-altitude grass-fed diets are guaranteed to produce happier, healthier cattle.

As previously mentioned, high-altitude contains a higher concentration of protein, making it more nutritious than grain, hay, or other diets. High-altitude grass is also easier for the cattle to digest, which means that all that valuable nutrition gets absorbed right away. Better nutrition for our cattle means healthier beef for you and your family.

Like we mentioned before: the healthier the cattle, the healthier the meat, the healthier the consumer!

PBJ Cattle Co Grass Fed Happy Cattle

High-Altitude Grass Makes for Happier Cattle

While high-altitude grass diets have obvious nutritional benefits for both cattle and customers alike, there are also less obvious benefits to high-altitude grass diets. For example, one of the least obvious high-altitude grass-fed health benefits has to do with the freedom of the animal. Moreover, high-altitude grass is not harvested and stuffed into food troughs. Rather, our cattle graze on protein-packed high-altitude grass in the wide-open fields of The Double Eagle Ranch. Here at PBJ Cattle Company, we never confine our cattle to feeding pens. We allow our cattle to roam freely, grazing on nutritious protein-packed high-altitude grass (rather than chowing on grain and hay in cramped feeding troughs). Because of this, high-altitude grass-fed diets are guaranteed to improve the overall welfare of cattle. In other words, high-altitude grass diets make our cattle even happier and healthier!

It is a little-known fact that the happier the cattle, the healthier the beef, the healthier the consumer. Cattle who are in constant distress experience dramatic spikes of adrenaline throughout the day. This adrenaline soaks into the meat of the animal, creating tougher, less nutritious meat. By eliminating stress and increasing happiness for our cattle, we are eliminating those adrenaline spikes altogether. That means that our beef is never tainted by excessive amounts of adrenaline, resulting in a healthier and tastier beef product for you and your family.

Ask Us About High-Altitude Grass-Fed Health Benefits

We could go on and on about protein-packed high-altitude grass-fed health benefits. Here at PBJ Cattle Company, we are passionate about our beef products, and we take pride in the way we raise our cattle. We take every precaution to ensure that our cattle are the happiest and healthiest they can be, and we guarantee premium delicious and nutritious beef products for you and your family. To accomplish this, it all comes down to one very important factor:

Our cattle’s diets.

By putting our cattle on a diet of protein-packed high-altitude grass, we are raising up happy, healthy cattle. The happier and healthier our cattle, the tastier and healthier our beef products.

It is just as simple as that!

Get in touch with us today to learn more about about our high-altitude grass-fed beef! We love chatting with customers about our cattle and our beef products, and we love discussing high-altitude grass-fed health benefits.

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