Beef & Yak Pricing Information

At PBJ Cattle Company, we offer retail cuts and ground beef and yak all year long, as well as Grain Finished Beef and Grass Finished Yak wholes, halves, and quarters. Grass Finished Beef wholes and halves are available in the summer and fall seasons.

Market Style Shopping

A sampling of our retail cuts can be viewed below, and market style shopping is available year long on the ranch, Monday-Thursday 10am-5:00pm, by appointment only, as we are a full time working ranch.
Please contact us to schedule your pick up or shopping appointment.
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Our burger is ground from one single animal, not co-mingled, and all premium primal cuts are included.
Ground Beef – $8 per pound (1 lb packages)
Ground Yak – $10 per pound (1 lb packages)
Have our Ground Yak Shipped Directly to you!

Wholesale Purchasing – Wholes & Halves

Yak is $9.50 per pound (hanging weight) and a half order runs on average 250 pounds. 
Grain-Finished Beef is $7.50 per pound (hanging weight) and a half order runs on average 450 pounds. 
Grass-Finished Beef is $8.50 per pound (hanging weight) and a half order runs on average 330 pounds.
These prices are for hanging weight, and include brand inspection, harvest fee, and custom cutting & packaging.

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*All Whole, Half, and Quarter orders require a 50% (approximated) deposit to PBJ Cattle Company.
**After you have placed an order, if you need to mail your deposit, please use our Mailing Address, not our physical address.
Our Mailing Address is as follows:
PO Box 403
Divide CO 80814

Wholesale Purchasing – Quarters (Yak & Grain Finished Beef)

These are standard cut quarters sold by finished weight.
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PBJ Cattle Company is doing everything we can to keep our wholesale and retail prices as low as possible. Please be aware that fluctuations are dependent on the current market and inflation across the cattle raising industry.


Ground Beef   $8 /lb
Grass Finished – Ranch Grind – 80/20

Beef Arm Roast

 Beef Arm Roast   $14 /lb

Beef Eye of Round Steak

Beef Eye of Round Steak
$16 /lb

Beef Filet

Beef Filet
$14.50  /quarter lb

Beef Flank Steak

Beef Flank Steak   $21 /lb

Beef Flat Iron

Beef Flat Iron   $23 /lb


Beef New York Strip   $34 /lb


Beef Oxtail   $12 /lb


Beef Ribeye   $35 /lb

Beef Short Rib

Beef Short Rib   $11 /lb

Beef Sirloin Tip Steak

Beef Sirloin Tip Steak
$15 /lb

Beef Skirt Steak

Beef Skirt Steak   $19 /lb


Ground Yak   $10 /lb

Yak Arm Roast

Yak Arm Roast   $19 /lb

Yak Flank Steak

Yak Flank Steak   $21 /lb

Yak New York Strip

Yak New York Strip   $41 /lb


Yak Rib Steak   $43 /lb

Yak Serloin Tip Roast

Yak Sirloin Tip Roast   $18 /lb

Yak Short Rib

Yak Short Rib   $15 /lb

Yak Skirt Steak

Yak Skirt Steak   $22 /lb

Yak Top Round Steak

Yak Top Round Steak   $12 /lb

Yak Top Sirloin Steak

Yak Top Sirloin Steak
$36 /lb